During a segment of James Corden‘s infamous “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” on The Late Late Show, Kris Jenner spilled some serious tea on her rumored engagement to longtime boyfriend, Corey Gamble. Actually, erm, it might be more fitting to say that everyone’s favorite momager ate a cricket rather than spilled tea! 

Basically, the game went a little something like this: James and Kris went back and forth asking each other extremely personal questions. If either declined to “spill their guts,” they were forced to “fill their guts” by eating something foul — like bull’s penis, fried butter, or yep, crickets! You can check out the hilarious, full clip below. 

During the second round, James dropped the engagement bomb and Kris’ reaction was nothing short of priceless. At first, she stumbled over her words before finally saying “No, I’m not going to answer!” Of course, James continued to poke and prod suggesting that the ring she was wearing is “a real give away.”

“This isn’t the ring!” Kris clapped back. To which James slyly replied: “So there is a ring?” Kris continued to plead the fifth, popped a cricket in her mouth, and kept it movin’. Talk about a total boss move! Although, considering how big the mother-of-six was smiling it seems as if she and Corey might just be headed down the aisle after all. 

Beyond just keeping her love life under wraps, Kris also declined to answer another one of James’ questions. When asked which daughter she would fire from KUWTK, Kris opted to drink a sardine smoothie instead of replying. Yuck! 

Had Kris not been on national television we bet she would have said Kourtney Kardashian! After all, based on all the recent KarJenner drama, it seems that her eldest is the root of all the problems. Oh wait, maybe it’s Kim Kardashian who’s causing all the chaos. TBH, we can’t keep up with the Kardashians these days, but we sure do love Kris!