In 2006, the two-hour MTV documentary Fat Camp took us to Camp Pocono Trail — a weight loss camp in Pennsylvania's Poconos Mountains — where teens were trying to shed pounds amid summer flings, fat-shaming bullies, and a ton of hormonal drama. The documentary and its follow-up, 2007's Return to Fat Camp, were popular at the time time, but many of the campers soon dropped out of the limelight, and details on their post-MTV lives are sketchy.

Still, we've done some sleuthing and found some of the Fat Camp fan favorites on social media. Scroll down to check out the intel we've rounded up.

Marisa Cristinzio

In 2017, Marisa told Revelist she was proud she defended Dianne against bullying in Fat Camp but wishes she hadn't taken her shirt off to do so. She said she was embarrassed by her size and how "everything jiggling around," and she and actually developed an eating disorder before filming Return to Fat Camp because she "didn't want to be 'fat again' on TV."

Fortunately, she seems happier and healthier these days, working as a coach for Beachbody and running a company called Vegan Bodies by Marisa. She also got married in October.

"I don't re-watch it often," she said of the show. "When I do, it makes me a little embarrassed that I did a TV show, but also it makes me so happy that I did that. I can't wait to show my future kids one day and show them that this is what you do in life: Stand up for others when they need it, accept your body, and love yourself."

Petey Mulherin

A guy claiming to be Petey from Fat Camp introduced himself to a Facebook group for the Class of 2011 at William Paterson University, a public university in Wayne, NJ, saying he was a finance major. One blogger said Petey is a regional sales executive at a background check agency now.

Dianne Harbaugh

Dianne seems to have a Twitter account, but it only boasts three tweets — all of which were posted April 23, 2012. She said she was studying at the University of Southern Mississippi, she complained about her "bitchy ass roommates," and she talked about her Chik-Fil-A cravings. Luckily, her Facebook profile is a little more enlightening: It reveals she's living Mississippi and works at Toys "R" Us.

Braelyn Villella

According to her Facebook profile, Braelyn graduated from the Community College of Beaver County in Monaca, PA, in 2011 and worked as a waitress in Pittsburgh. She also was engaged as of 2011, but those are the last of her public Facebook updates. According to the aforementioned blogger, Braelyn has since married and welcomed a kid.