In case you hadn't heard, MTV's Floribama Shore is the new Jersey Shore — and Kirk Medas is one of the stars. The network responsible for some of the most iconic television shows of the past generation is revamping the concept of watching young adults party, hookup, and make bad decisions in a town by the beach. But, this time they're headed below the Mason-Dixon to follow eight southern kids along the coastline of Florida and Alabama — what could go wrong?

“I’ve always been known as the life of the party,” Kirk, who's 25, admitted. “I’m outgoing. I always have a smile on my face.” Keep scrolling to learn more about the Floribama Shore cast member!

He knows Pauly D.

The reality star admitted that Pauly D was his favorite Jersey Shore cast member. And now, it looks like he can call the celeb a friend. "Never thought in a million years I’d be sharing gym space with Pauly D. Humble, cool a– dude," he said of the DJ.

He's quite the ladies man.

If you scroll through Kirk's Instagram, you'll see lots of photos with women. We're not saying he's a player, but he definitely can hold his own around members of the opposite sex. He captioned the above pic, "My insides feel like a lava lamp."

He's close to his mom.

Aw — who doesn't love a guy who adores his mom? "Mr. Lendore became the luckiest man on earth. It was an honor being able to play such a huge role in my beautiful mothers wedding," he wrote last year. "This woman is 51 years old. Isn't that crazy?" We can definitely spot the resemblance!

He's an Atlanta native.

Kirk isn't originally from the Florida Panhandle. In fact, he's a city boy straight from ATL. He currently lives in Panama City Beach, but still has strong ties to his hometown.

He values fitness.

Kirk played football in high school and is still committed to maintaining his athletic build. "I let myself go the past couple years and I decided that it's time for a damn change," he shared on Instagram. "Life was so much better when I was happy with the way I looked and was a lot healthier. This is only the beginning of my progression!" Well, he definitely looks great on the show!