It’s tough not to like Chloe Trautman from MTV’s Siesta Key, and we totally didn’t think she got enough air time on last night’s episode! Fans of the MTV reality series remember from the first part of Season 1 that she is best friends with Sarasota’s bad boy, Alex Kompothecras, and also works at the beach bar with Kelsey Owens and now newcomer Canvas. Keep reading to learn more about the hot blonde bombshell!

1. She may or may not be outgrowing this group of friends — at least some of them.

Chloe moved into her own place at the end of the first part of Season 1 and was really focusing on becoming the best version of herself. We definitely learned a lot already — as she opened up on the small screen about going to therapy, battling anger issues, and dealing with her father’s lack of involvement in her life. “When I was growing I understood he’s not really a good guy, he didn’t want to be in my life,” she previously told Cosmopolitan.

On Monday night’s episode, she seemingly hinted that she was outgrowing her friendship with Alex, which brings us to our next fact…

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2. She is not down with body-shaming.

Chloe has been at the center of some very not funny jokes made by Alex and his cousin, Pauly, regarding her weight — like that time in Bimini when she suggested the group have a “big dinner” or how she told Cosmopolitan that “throughout that entire trip is that Paul would take Snapchat videos of me eating and put [them] in slow motion.”

She definitely has nothing to be ashamed of, and her co-stars Juliette Porter, Kelsey Owens, Brandon Gomes, and Garrett Miller all came to her defense during a recent Facebook Live interview with In Touch. Watch to find out what they had to say!

3. She got punched in the face by one of her best friends during an off-screen fight.

We all remember when Chloe called Alex in Season 1, Episode 2 with dramatic facial injuries from fellow cast mate Amanda Miller. It’s unclear what actually happened that day, but Amanda previously told Life & Style, “It’s a sensitive subject because I’ve had to tell the story so many times and most people don’t actually care they’re just curious. It bothered me at first that many people who didn’t know what actually happened that night we’re judging me pretty harshly, but then I realized everyone who was important and who genuinely cared knew the real story, and that’s all that mattered to me.”

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She then added, “Chloe knows what really happened, but there’s always two sides to every story. I did feel terrible for breaking her nose. I never wanted that to happen. She had a lot going on at the time and took it out on the people who cared about her most.”

Siesta Key airs on Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.