Occasionally, there can be something dangerous about posting a photo to Instagram. Especially when you live in or grew up in a household full of girls. Because if you ever borrow one of their shirts or skirts or sweaters and post about it later, well, you’re gonna hear about it. And that’s what happened to Kim Kardashian when she shared a throwback photo from seventh grade — and immediately got called out by mom Kris Jenner

“7th grade. This was my go to lipstick. It’s gotta make a comeback,” Kim captioned the stunning pic. In the shot, she was wearing an incredible outfit, especially for seventh grade, a time when we all looked awkward and unfashionable as we were adjusting to changing bodies and trying to find trendy clothes that looked cool (and, in hindsight, look super embarrassing). Somehow, though, Kim looked effortlessly chic even at 12 or 13 — but that wasn’t what Kris noticed when she looked at that pic. She saw something very different. 

“Wait is that my blazer?” Kris wrote. It was the ultimate comment considering Kim’s Instagrams are usually full of heart eyes and compliments from her friends like Paris Hilton and hairstylist Scotty Cunha. And though Kim artfully dodged the comment, declining to respond and probably pretending that she never saw it the way that we all would when someone publicly called us out about a stolen jacket from 25 years ago, fans were all over it. “Busted,” fans wrote next to stacks of crying laughing emojis. “Mums be having the wardrobe,” said someone else. “Lol best comment ever!” a third chimed in, and it went just went on like that for at least 200 more rave reviews. 

We can hardly blame Kris for calling Kim out — but who can blame Kim for stealing that blazer either? She looks incredible in it, and it would still be a total fashion statement today. Kris has always been on top of the style game, TBH, and is even rocking killer looks now in her 60s. Sure, she probably gets a lot of help from her daughters who are extremely plugged in to the current fads, but let’s not pretend she wasn’t the one teaching them about style in the first place. 

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Okay, okay. The Kardashians certainly aren’t perfect when it comes to style. The 2000s weren’t kind to anyone, after all, and there are plenty of bad photos of Kim rocking bedazzled Ed Hardy shirts, and while hilarious, those pictures should be scrubbed from the internet so no one ever has to acknowledge that trend ever again. But when it comes to this shot from seventh grade, Kim’s outfit is nothing short of iconic. And we have to give kudos to Kris, because it turns out she literally got it from her mama.