Stars, they’re just like us! Despite the fact that North West is far chicer than most little girls her age, she still has to deal with having an embarrassing grandma. That’s right, Kris Jenner isn’t quite as cool as you’d expect.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 62-year-old revealed that she totally made her granddaughter want to run for the hills. "Yesterday, I took North to school and they had crazy hair day, so I wore a blonde wig — thinking I'd be the cool grandma, you know," Kris said. "North was rolling her eyes, probably mortified that her grandmother wore a blonde wig. It was so funny!"

Despite Kris cramping North’s style, she’s an incredibly dedicated, loving grandmother. "I'm so lucky, because we all live very close to each other, so I get to see my grandchildren very often, like every day. So it's the best! It's just the best. You see them grow up and change and lose teeth,” she said.

And grow up they have! North, who is four years old already, is starting to look more and more like her A-list parents every day. So much so, that fans can’t help but call Northy the perfect balance of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. How sweet! Even little Saint is growing up before our very eyes. On May 22, Kim shared a picture of the two-year-old hugging his baby sister, Chicago, and our ovaries basically exploded. Kris Jenner sure is #blessed to have such a darling brood of grandchildren.

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