When Kris Jenner is your grandma no expense is spared. The Kardashian matriarch was recently spotted buying strollers for her not one, not two, but three grandchildren. In case you lost count, TMZ reports that the reality star made purchases for Kim Kardashian‘s baby girl, Chicago, and Khloé and Kylie‘s unborn babies.

So, actually, Kris picked up five pricey AF strollers for her little stars-in-the-making. The total value for her purchases would normally come to about $11,000 total, but since the super-rich Kardashians rarely have to pay full price for stuff (makes total sense right?) she got two of the strollers for free.

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(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

What’s even more interesting than the fact that Kris loves expensive baby gear? Well, a lot of fans think this is further confirmation that her youngest daughter, Kylie, is expecting a baby. Ky has made it a point to shield herself from the media, not post recent full-body pictures of herself, and basically just keep her pregnancy the worst kept secret in Kardashian history.

“Kylie wants to disappear and be out of the spotlight and focus on her health and happiness,” a source close to the mama-to-be told People. “Kylie isn’t going to publicly address her pregnancy until she gives birth. She’s not doing any public appearances and just wanted to take six months off. Kylie is only trusting her closest friends and her sisters right now.”

Since the star has made it clear that she’s not going to confirm her pregnancy until she’s ready… fans shouldn’t expect an official statement anytime soon. “She wants to reveal things on her own terms but she’s, of course, having fun teasing everyone,” the source continued. “She knows all the attention is on her and her baby bump, but she won’t share until she wants to.” Well, at least Kris isn’t afraid to drop hints!