In honor of Kristen Wiig's birthday, we are looking back at her and the rest of the Bridesmaids cast on their very first red carpet. Kristen made history with the 2011 comedy, with it becoming one of the highest grossing female-led comedies in film history.

Kristen not only starred as the disgruntled maid of honor Annie Walker but helped write the script. Of her role, the SNL star revealed she is real-life best friends with the on-screen bride and co-star Maya Rudolph. The pair met a decade before at a wedding shower at Melissa McCarthy's house, which is very fitting.

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"I just love her so much," Maya said of Kristen in 2013. "And I know she loves me." And the chemistry showed, from their hilarious airplane scene to the Wilson-Phillips duet at the end. So it was no surprise looking back that Kristen made her red carpet debut alongside her BFF one decade ago.

Seriously, these ladies haven't aged! For a look back at the cast's very first red carpet moments, check out the gallery below!