Kylie Jenner often uses her Instagram account to find and share inspiring and encouraging stories about young people who are overcoming bullying and other obstacles in their lives.

Earlier today, the 18-year-old posted a photo of burn survivor Harley Dabbs, who continually posts uplifting messages about beauty and self-confidence on her social media accounts.

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Along with the photo, Kylie wrote, "I look at stories all day that inspire and encourage me. #iammorethan is a way to share these stories with you guys in hopes that it could help you too. Bullying other people is not the answer. Be kind to everybody. You are the dopest for this @harleydearest thanks for sharing…."

According to Harley's Facebook page, she was just two and a half when she was burned. "It was just another normal summer day. I was taking a nap in the back room and my little sister was asleep in the living room. My parents were outside with some friends," she wrote.

Eventually, they saw smoke coming from the house and ran in to get their kids. "[My mom] ran in to get us but could only get to Sierra due to the smoke and fire blocking her from getting to me. My dad had to poor water on himself and knock in the back door to get me. He ended up throwing me out the door because the floors started to cave."

"My mama gave me CPR until the medics arrived. I was sent to two different hospitals before I was airlifted to Shriners in Cincinnati, Ohio where I spent at least three months, including my third birthday. I was burned over 80% of my body and have went through numerous surgeries and I still do at the age of 21."

"The cause of the fire was aluminum wiring from the washer machine and dryer. I battled with my physical appearance starting at the age of 14 and was picked on all throughout school. I still am through social media from time to time but now that I've accepted myself, I only let the negative feedback I get build me up."

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