This is pretty krazy! Kylie Jenner (and her baby bump) failed to make an appearance in the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s epic “25 Days of Christmas” card, which had us all like, “bah humbug.” But, after days of examining the famous family’s holiday photos, some eagle-eyed fans noticed a clue leading them to believe that Kylie, 20 — who will become a first-time parent alongside rapper beau Travis Scott — has already given birth.

In one of the last pics in the series, momager Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, grandma Mary Jo “MJ” Houghton, and little North West and Penelope Disick have their eyes fixated on something in the distance rather than the camera lens. A handful of Kardashian konspiracy theorists think they’re looking at Kylie holding her bundle of joy.

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As the Daily Mail pointed out, one fan wrote, “Y’all, Kylie already had that baby. It’s time to accept what you know in your heart to be true: Kylie Jenner’s baby is now out in the world making more money than you will ever see in your life.”

Other Kylie enthusiasts were quick to echo this idea. “OMG YES I believe with all my heart that Kylie has given birth and her family is looking at that baby!! So cute!” one fan wrote, while another commented, “ok tbh I’m mad af that kylie wasn’t in the christmas card but so happy because I legit think she already has the baby! Kris’ face is the only evidence we need.”

Despite the speculation, Kylie is reportedly set to give birth to a little girl in February. An insider recently told People magazine that the expectant makeup mogul has already picked out a name for her first child.

“Kylie has a favorite name for her baby girl, but isn’t sharing,” said the source. “She is busy getting the pink nursery ready. She loves to talk about the nursery. She received a lot of gifts at her shower, including baby necessities and clothes. She has also bought a lot of things herself. Not wanting to get out much, her focus has instead been on buying things online for the baby.”