Who's the newest diva of reality television?! According to a new report, it's Kylie Jenner!

Sources say the 18-year-old's arrogant attitude is alienating everyone around her and that the friends remaining are "either on the payroll or straight up using her."

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“Kylie picks fights with everyone,” one insider reveals. “She’s the most rude and condescending person you could meet — it’s like she irritates people just for the fun of it.”

But that's not all! “She’ll point out if someone’s put on weight or they look rough, she gives ‘judgments’ on what they’re wearing,” the source tells Radar Online. “She loves nothing better than trashing everyone."

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It looks like the teen's meteoric rise to fame has fully gone to her head. “She treats everyone like they’re staff,” the source adds. “Her ego is so out of control it’s unreal.”

Time to come back down to Earth, Kylie!

Scroll through the gallery below to see just how much the reality star's physical appearance has changed in the last few years.