Burn. Dr. Mehmet Oz was on Watch What Happens Live last night, and he gave some advice to Kylie Jenner that many considered subtle shade. The TV personality was asked by a viewer if Kylie could still get lip injections despite the fact that she is pregnant.

Turns out, she can. "Lip injections in her mouth are fine to get,” he said. “It will not be a problem.” When host Andy Cohen asked if getting injections like Botox anywhere else on her face was a problem, Dr. Oz reassured fans that the 20-year-old does not have to give up her cosmetic routine. “Shouldn’t be a problem. Those things are supposed to be inert, so they’re not going to cause an issue," he added.

However, being the dad that he is, Dr. Oz couldn't help but offer Kylie some unsolicited advice. "I would focus on the baby, not my face, at that point in my career,” he said, before adding that she should enjoy the natural side effects of pregnancy. "You get that beautiful cherub-like glow when you get pregnant," he said. "Harvest that. Use that."

This is not the first time the doctor has called out the famous family for their questionable beauty habits. In 2015, he featured waist trainers on The Dr. Oz show and revealed the negative effect of the Kardashian-approved trend. "Here's what happening on the inside," he explained. "First of all you're squeezing on the lungs, so that can hinder your ability to take those deep breaths, reducing the flow of oxygen. It also will squeeze your stomach… You see the ribs here being molded in, that will actually be shifted giving you that perfect hourglass appearance but at the cost of compressing a lot of these organs."

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However, momager Kris Jenner appeared on his show as well and shared how she made sure her kids maintain a positive body image. "Everybody is a critic and I think putting the girls, and Rob now, on magazines, definitely sells them but I taught the kids a long time ago that it really starts when they were younger and how I really tried hard to raise strong daughters and give them a sense of self-esteem," she said. "That's when the kids need you most, and when I instilled the most stuff about how to feel good about yourself."