Yes there’s the fake lips and yes there’s the fake hair, and of course you can’t forget the are-they-or-aren’t-they real boobs, but SERIOUSLY, Kylie Jenner‘s changing appearance is starting to get ridiculous!

In a new photo posted to her Instagram, the 17-year-old reality star looks literally nothing like herself.

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Between the giant lips, the deep tan and the contoured complexion, Kylie looks like a doll come to life, or at the very least NOT like a teenager.

kylie jenner 2013

Kylie in 2013

Kylie stepped out yesterday in an all suede brown outfit to show off her recently dyed turquoise hair extensions. Although by this morning she was already back to brunette, showing off a set of cornrows in a crop top and sweatpants.

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“I woke up like disss,” she wrote.

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I woke up like disss

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