Did you see it? Make-up mogul and all-around sneak Kylie Jenner took a really interesting snap for her Insta stories recently, but a few hours later it was gone without a trace. We’re thinking she may have deleted the Christmas-themed pic because it answers one of our most burning questions: are Kylie and boyfriend/baby daddy Travis Scott going to get married? Let’s have a look at the photo and discuss.

On Dec. 7, Kylie posted a pretty cute, but now deleted, photo to her Instagram stories of two golden wrapped presents under her Christmas tree — one labeled “Wifey” and the other labeled “Daddy” with the caption “First two presents under the tree,” complete with a little check mark emoji. At first, it seems just like… OK, girl, you’re cute and we see you and your mans getting your shopping done. So is everyone else. But upon second glance, it seems like it actually might be way more than that.

kylie jenner travis scott engaged

The present for “Wifey,” aka Kylie, is particularly of interest, as the box seems like it’s the perfect size and shape for… you guessed it, a ring! We wouldn’t be surprised if Travis picked the upcoming holiday to pop the question to the 22-year-old new mama. Considering it will be the first Christmas for their nine-month-old daughter, Stormi Webster, it would be kind of the perfect setting to tie a bow on a pretty perfect year for the couple.

Plus, it’s not like the idea these two might get married is coming out of thin air here. Between the countless times Trav has called Ky “Wifey” on social media, or even just straight “Wife” on stage, and the time he flooded her house with roses, there’s a lot of evidence to back up the idea these two might make the big next step pretty soon. He even name-dropped Kris Jenner as “mother-in-law” on The Ellen Show in a recent appearance.

So, now we just have to wait until Christmas to see what’s under the golden paper — we’re probably not the only ones with our fingers crossed for some wedding bling. Right, Kylie?