The Kardashians’ styles have really changed over the years, and the youngest member of the famous clan, Kylie Jenner, has arguably become the biggest fashionista of them all.

But whether she’s wearing clear shoes or constantly changing her hair color, there are some trends that we just don’t understand.

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On her social media, Ky debuted a wacky new look that's created mixed feelings amongst her fans. Sitting in her car, the 19-year-old rocked what looks like just the top half of a sweatshirt: just sleeves and a neckline. If it weren’t for the tank top she donned underneath, a whole lot would have been exposed!

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“What the hell is she wearing?” one follower wrote in the comments. “It looks like she got it from a trash can. Not cute at all. Time to throw both ‘shirts’ away.”

The sweatshirt necklace thing is from designer Sami Miro Vintage, whose designs are quite popular among the Kardashian ladies. Known for her weird high-fashion pieces, Sami Miro's other distressed and cut up accessories have been seen on Kendall and Kim — and let’s just say, they come at a celebrity price!

In the name of fashion, the Kardashians have rocked some truly crazy looks.

Scroll through the gallery below to see more far-out trends the Kardashians have tried to make a thing!