Trouble in paradise?! Just days after Kylie Jenner gave birth to a healthy baby girl with boyfriend Travis Scott, Hollywood Life is reporting that the couple already had their first major blowout. Although the cause of the fight is unknown, Travis reportedly fled her Calabasas, CA home on Feb. 5.

“Travis [Scott] and Kylie [Jenner] just had their first major blowout fight, four days after becoming parents,” an eyewitness told the publication. “While the cause of the fight is not entirely clear, Travis did storm out of her Calabasas home visibly angry and sped back to his house in Beverly Hills. Travis left Kylie and their new baby in a raging fury and began speeding home, illegally passing cars, driving recklessly, and was very visibly mad as he drove to back to his place. He was clearly upset and very bothered about what had just happened inside with Kylie.”

kylie and travis baby video

We hadn’t seen much of Travis until Kylie shared their intimate pregnancy video on Super Bowl Sunday — and the couple were seen packing on the PDA! Still, a separate source told HL that the 25-year-old didn’t plan on being a model dad. “Travis is loving life right now — his career is red hot and he’s raking in the money. This is the lifestyle that Travis has always wanted — performing in front of thousands of screaming fans, private jets, champagne, parties — he’s really living the high life,” the source revealed. “When Kylie got pregnant, Travis never pretended he was going to be the model dad… He’s never intended to put his career on ice so he can just sit around at home with her night after night.”

That said, the new dad reportedly sent Kylie 443 roses — since their baby girl was born at 4:43 p.m. on Feb. 1 — so take the news with a grain of salt. Either way, we hope Travis and Kylie can work things out for the sake of their daughter… who Kylie confirmed is named “Stormi.” All puns intended.

For photos of Kylie’s (super adorable!) baby bump, watch the video below.