Can you spot what’s wrong with this photo of Kylie Jenner and boyfriend Tyga?

The couple is currently being blasted for an embarrassing photoshop fail after the rapper shared a new Instagram pic of himself and the 19-year-old on Tuesday.

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In the image, which was taken during the couple’s recent Mexican vacation, Kylie is sitting on her beau’s lap. The photo appeared to be your basic #couplegoals snap, but as fans looked closer, they noticed a small bump protruding from Kylie’s knee. Followers quickly claimed it was a nipple, which could’ve been the result of some poor photo-editing.

Fans immediately took to the comments to inquire about the 19-year-old’s “third nipple,” and the exchange is entertaining, to say the least. “Is that really a third nipple, on her knee?” one commenter asked, while another wrote, “Look at the nipple on her knee!!!”

Others had their own opinion as to what the mysterious bump was — some claimed it was a wart, while others saw a “crumb.”

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“It looks like a ladybug,” another said. Despite the hilarious comments, some users came to the reality star’s defense.

“Zoom in on it and all you idiots will realize it’s the plant,” one person said, while another chimed in, “The ‘nipple’ is a plant. I could tell everything right away. Like come on people. This is so stupid.”

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This wouldn’t be the first fail for the couple in 2017. In early January, a post went up on Kylie’s app about her sex life with Tyga. After the article was shared, she took to Twitter to deny she was the author, even though the post was written in first person.

She also stated that she would no longer be contributing her own content to the app, much to the dismay of fans.