Give ’em Gaga! No celeb can rock a red carpet quite like Lady Gaga. The singer arrived at the 2019 Golden Globes looking absolutely stunning. Considering A Star is Born is one of the biggest movies of the year, you better believe Gaga came ready to serve ~lewks~ on the red carpet.

Lady Gaga 2019 Golden Globes
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The singer turned movie star was nominated for Best Actress in a Film Drama and Best Original Song for her unforgettable role as Ally in A Star Is Born alongside Bradley Cooper. It’s no surprise Gaga wanted to have an outfit as big as her film.

Lady Gaga Valentino dress 2019 Golden Globes
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Fans have been comparing her look to acting legend Judy Garland. Whoever you think she pulled inspiration from, there’s no denying she looks like a total fairytale daydream. She had her blonde locks were dyed blue to match her puffy-sleeved Valentino dress. A large Tiffany diamond-encrusted necklace accentuated the singer’s bare neck.

Lady Gaga blue valentino dress golden globes
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It turns out Bradley hit it off with Gaga just like their characters in the movie. Bradley said he and his co-star “relied on each other in every single way. I knew every time we did a musical number, I had this undeniable force in her, and I knew there was no one else who could’ve played the part. Her talent, her work ethic honed from years of performing… As a storyteller, you’re just so thankful you cast the right person, but we were truly in this together, and that’s the way we approached every scene and every song: as partners.”

lady gaga golden globes red carpet
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“The very first thing we said was, ‘OK, now you’re a musician and I’m an actress. We’re making that exchange, so keep me in a comfortable yet vulnerable, raw place where I can give you what you need for the character,'” Gaga added about their experience working together. “He did that for me, and as we worked on creating the songs, I watched him become a real musician.”

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