With summer 2019 right around the corner, you may be starting to worry about going makeup-free to the beach or pool. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. As it happens though, LaserAway offers a game-changing treatment that will completely revolutionize your skin.

One of the many treatments they offer, Clear + Brilliant — a favorite among celebrities in Hollywood — uses fractional laser technology to diminish the early signs of aging, shrink pores, enhance your skin’s texture and give you that overall glow. “As we age, our skin’s cell cycle slows down,” says the brand’s Chief Medical Officer, Board certified dermatologist Dr. Will Kirby. “So, if you ever look at a child or a baby they smell great and their skin is smooth and soft — the reason is their cell cycle is so fast.”

“As we age, again, that cycle slows significantly and the truth is it makes your skin dull and you lose that beautiful luster and that glow to your skin,” he explains. Hmmm, dull isn’t exactly the vibe we’re aiming for this summer. So, how do you combat your skin’s natural deterioration?

“The way Clear + Brilliant works, is it targets layers of the skin more compromised by early signs of aging. As the tips move over the skin, millions of microscopic treatment zones are created,” Dr. Kirby notes, adding, “treatment is tailored to each patient’s specific needs and desired results.”

The skincare specialist then goes on to explain the differences in the treatments available. “While the original treatment targets tone and texture, the Perméa treatment enhances the skin’s permeability by creating greater surface disruption. Clear + Brilliant Perméa helps to significantly increase the benefits of your skincare products.”

Of course, the procedure isn’t completely without disruption to the skin, but the results are worth it. “The last energy triggers the body’s natural healing process,” Dr. Kirby says. “This may create redness and skin flaking as the damaged skin tissue moves toward the skin’s surface and then is removed — revealing clear and brilliant skin.”

So how do you know if Clear + Brilliant is the right procedure for you? “It’s really a spectrum,” Dr. Kirby notes. “If you already have beautiful, gorgeous, flawless skin, then you’re a great candidate because it will help you maintain that!”

As for people with more problematic skin? The Clear + Brilliant experience could work for you, too. “It’s also great for people who have texture changes — maybe they have acne scarring or fine lines. It’s also for people with premature aging of their skin or sun damaged skin,” Dr. Kirby says. “You can expect smoother, softer and more supple skin. With multiple treatments you will get a bona fide, beautiful complexion and glow.”

Bring on all the golden hour selfies, please and thank you!