Yes GAWD! MUA and YouTuber Laura Lee is obviously our makeup goals and our fashion goals, but now we officially know that she’s our body goals too! The Alabama-native flaunted her incredible figure on Instagram, pairing a sports bra with some sweats — and still somehow managed to look bougie AF. Watch the video below to see the sexy snap!

Laura, who goes by @larlarlee on Instagram, has nearly two million followers, and they quickly responded to the selfie. Garnering almost 500 comments and 100,000 likes in just hours, it’s clear fans are taking notice of her killer bod. “DO A FITNESS VIDEO!!” one fan said, while another added, “I wanna see a video on health; workout routine, nutrition, skin care, hair care.”

The 29-year-old has opened up in the past about her health and workout routine. In a 2016 interview with Health Beauty Life, the beauty guru talked all things health and fitness. “I have to admit, my metabolism has been a bit of a help with my weight control,” she admitted. “I have also always had strong portion control. I normally eat six small meals a day. Eating small meals helps boost the metabolism, plus I honestly can’t stand the feeling of being ‘stuffed.’”

She did offer some tips for staying healthy. “I drink at least six glasses of lemon water a day,” she said. “I’m not crazy about drinking plain water, and lemons are my favorite, so mixing them helps increase my water intake. Plus lemon water has multiple health benefits, as lemons are packed with Vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, and fiber.” BRB, we’re going to drink a ton of water…