Beauty guru Jaclyn Hill just blessed her Snapchat followers with an inside look at Morphe‘s new store — and no, we are still not over it! Jaclyn has worked closely with the booming cosmetics brand and its owner Linda Tawil, and while it has been known as a mostly online retailer, it’s clearly expanding and becoming the brick and mortar store we all want and need in our lives. Watch the video below to get the inside look at the new Morphe store!

Jac recently released her highly anticipated eyeshadow palette with Morphe and it’s been a massive success. She talked in the snap about how she appreciates the fair price point of the beauty brand. “I have known this brand and known Linda since they had 12 employees,” she said. “So this is just such a huge accomplishment and I’m just so proud of them…It’s so bougie, I can’t. I just love that they’re sticking to it and doing such incredible makeup at an affordable cost.”

This store will be the brand’s second location. The first is located in Burbank, CA and has an insanely viral following. Morphe prides itself on its unique style and accessibility. “Finally, a beauty brand created for the creators,” their mission statement reads. “For the dreams, for those looking for killer makeup without killing their wallet…We’re more than just a brand; we’re a ride-or-die fam.”

Well, from the tears Jaclyn was shedding in her Snapchat, it’s clear that this company is super tight-knit. Anyone else booking their flight to California so they can check out the new store?!