Honestly, 2017 is the year of the eyebrow.

From eyebrow stamps to microblading to endless choices of brow gels and pencils, there are plenty of million dollar ways to keep your eyebrows on fleek. Enter brow wigs, the newest trend in eyebrows.

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When makeup artist Hung Vanngo took to his Instagram to share a video with his 570k followers featuring a wig getting placed over a woman’s eyebrows, makeup lovers quickly took notice, leaving over 300 comments.

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The beauty tool got mixed reactions from fans, though, as some pointed out that the original use for this product was intended to help cancer patients and people with alopecia or other illnesses that cause hair loss.

“All these people salty over eyebrow wigs,” one Twitter user wrote. “These can be used by chemo patients or people with alopecia. Quit being rude.”

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While there was some backlash over the post, many eyebrow enthusiasts were excited over the new trend.

eyebrow wig

“Sephora get on it!” one fan insisted, while another added, “Amazing I don’t have to do my eyebrows ever again!”

The false eyebrows go for about $50 online and are sold by brands like Cardini. There are plenty of tutorials for how to apply them online, but basically, clean your face of any makeup, apply adhesive, and stick them on!

Seems pretty simple to us!

Will you be taking part in this up-and-coming trend??