Don't throw out your trusty brow pencil just yet. Brow stamps may promise to give you picture-perfect brows in three seconds, but it seems that promise is too good to be true.

Beauty bloggers have taken over social media to test out the tool that may be the answer to permanently on fleek eyebrows, but in reality, it's the arch enemy — that's our one and only brow pun, we promise.

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Along with a shape that is hard to line up with your natural brows, the powder leaves your brows looking patchy or completely cartoonish, depending on how often you reapply, which means the stamp does not cut down your eyebrow routine at all.

In fact, many of the bloggers spent more time cleaning up after the stamp than they would have if they just drew in their eyebrows with a pencil as they usually do.

"I feel like this type of product is very gimmicky and really hard to use," YouTuber Jenny Gonzalez said in her video review of the tool. "As you can see, I did have to try a few times to get this right, and even my third attempt was still a little hard. It's hard to get them symmetrical."

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"I'm going to cry out my $9 I spent on this crap," beauty blogger Gina Amber captioned an Instagram photo of her hilarious after results.

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And they weren't alone.

"You know how they say eyebrows should like sisters, not twins, well mine look like complete strangers," Youtuber Tina Yong said. "I think the idea behind this product is great, however… actually using the product, it's a bit of a fail. I'd rather have no eyebrows than go out like this."

However, if you are a brow novice and looking for something you give you an outline to fill in your brows, this may be the product for you.

To test it out for yourself, you can buy on Amazon for $9.99.