Kelly Clarkson took a note from one of her hit songs and “walked away” from the stage after she suffered a hilariously awkward wardrobe malfunction.

The American Idol alum performed at an event in Minnesota on Monday, September 25. As seen in a viral fan video on X (formerly known as Twitter), Kelly, 41, was about to sing her hit song “Catch My Breath” when she began adjusting the top of her dress — a long black gown with tiers on the skirt and a plunging neckline layered over a sheer black, long-sleeved lacy shirt. After singing the tune’s opening line, Kelly looked to a bandmate and asked, “Am I good?”

Kelly then asked the band to “hold on.” When the music stopped, she looked to the side and asked if she “should fix it.” Then, she turned to the crowd and said with a chuckle, “I think my boob’s showing, hold on,” and ran off the stage. “Yup, sure is,” someone in the crowd could be heard saying.

Thankfully, the pop star handled her slip with grace — and her beloved sense of humor. Other fan footage showed Kelly’s return to the stage, where she joked, “What kind of show is this?”

“I was told you wanted a really fun show. I’m so sorry,” she said, laughing. “I think my hair got stuck in the tape. We’re good.”

Kelly Clarkson on stage
Mindy Small/WireImage

Kelly even joked about the size of her chest, adding, “Look, they’re not big enough to make noise. Which I don’t mind. OK, we’re just gonna keep the ladies in there. Just to keep it a family-friendly show. My bad!”

And with that, the “A Moment Like This” singer began performing once again. A set list from the show indicates that she performed several other hits that night, including “Miss Independent,” “Since U Been Gone” and “Stronger.” Fan videos from the end of the night showed Kelly apologizing for the mishap again, telling the crowd, “Thank you so much! I’m sorry for the show. Have a great night, y’all!”

This isn’t the first time Kelly has experienced a wardrobe malfunction and nearly exposed herself on stage. Back in February, she and Shania Twain discussed their biggest onstage mishaps during an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show. Kelly revealed that once, during a quick change in the middle of a performance, her team zipped her up but forgot to make sure it was secure. This almost resulted in her going naked on stage.

“I jumped around a lot on that tour, so my dress almost completely came off,” she said. To make the matter even worse, Kelly was apparently “commando” at the time. A ~moment like that~ is definitely unforgettable. 

“That would have gone real European beach real quick,” Kelly quipped.