In the ever-changing world of makeup trends, yellow blush has unfortunately become a thing.

We say unfortunately, because in most cases it makes the wearer look like they're suffering from some unknown illness rather than trying out the latest beauty fad.

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Thankfully, we don't see this one catching on past the bloggers. According to Allure, most women don't bother changing up their blush once they've settled on a shade, but if you're interested in experimenting with the bright hue, makeup artists have been using a technique called draping, which first became popular in the '70s.

Begin applying from the outermost corner of your cheekbone down towards the apple. But because the trend hasn't quite caught on yet, you'll be forced to substitute in yellow eyeshadow. Stores such as Sephora don't carry the color in a blush.

The closest thing fans have found is a sparkling yellow gold highlighter in a NARS duel-intensity blush kit that retails for $45 — and that's far from the neon yellow beauty gurus on Instagram have been dabbing onto their cheeks.

Dallas-based makeup artist Ash Meredith recommends the Melt Cosmetic Eyeshadow in Neon, while Allure suggests the M.A.C. Eye Shadow in Chrome Yellow.

This isn't the only — dare we say — ugly makeup trend having a moment.

Glitter butts, which, like the unicorn frappuccino, became a thing mainly for the Instagram photos, also had a short shelf life thanks to the absurdity (and no doubt uncomfortableness) of having one's ass covered in sequins. We can't imagine what kind of a rash that might leave.

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Here's hoping yellow blush gets its marching orders before summer officially begins.