Actress Lauren Holly is setting the record straight about whether or not she's ever gone under the knife!

During a recent episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now?, the 52-year-old revealed, "I've been accused of having a ton [of plastic surgery], and I haven't had any."

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But, she added, "I'm not saying that I wouldn't, but I almost feel like I might have missed that boat, but I'm not against it… Things change. And if a woman wants to look a little younger, gain a little weight, it's a natural thing. I look a little fuller just from that. I'm okay with that."

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Lauren in 2000 vs. 2015.

The NCIS star also opened up about her short-lived marriage to Jim Carrey from 1996 to 1997, describing it as "exciting" despite its demise.

"When it ended it was really hard for me," Lauren shared. "First of all, I was incredibly sad and I felt like everybody knew. I felt like they felt sorry for me or something, you know? So that was kind of a weird thing to play that part out of it, the ending part out in public."

The thrice-divorced star currently lives with partner Jerome Ruffin and her three sons in Toronto.