When you get called in to have a mid-day makeup refresh courtesy of social media superstar Liane V, you expect nothing but the best. Unfortunately for our coworkers, we decided to beat away the work doldrums by pulling a hilarious prank. Three of our staff members came into the room expecting to get a “natural everyday” makeover — keeping up with the facade, we had a collection of neutral toned colors right in front of them…

natural makeup

But the minute they closed their eyes, we switched them out for our own crazy Crayola-colored pallettes. Without them knowing, of course.

bright colors

Liane then worked her magic and gave our girls a few smears of the rainbow. And we’ll cop that it is an appropriate work look, if your day job is “clown,” or “Lady Gaga on the single cover for ‘Applause.‘” Want a guide to glamming up like Pennywise? Need an everyday office look that screams, “I’d rather be at Coachella”? Watch our makeup prank video to see how our “natural” looks play out on our unsuspecting staff!

Maybe the first red alert should’ve been that Liane was behind the brush. The multihyphenate is using her YouTube channel to tackle everything from comedy to dance to music to fashion to lifestyle to fitness, and yes, beauty. In fact, she’s especially focused on doing makeup tutorials these days — we could’ve graced our employees with you know, an actual natural makeup look.

But Liane came from humble, six-second-at-a-time comedy beginnings. She moved to LA and threw herself into vocal coaching with dancing and acting classes, working part-time jobs all the while. And then she decided to hop onto one little app. “I made friends with a few social media influencers and that’s when I started doing comedic skits. Vine was what helped me grow my following,” she told Life & Style exclusively. “I accumulated a million followers within a few months and was able to quit my job as a car salesmen and back up singer for a major artist.” And she still hasn’t lost her comedic edge with the migration to YouTube. Pranks are part of the package, so joke’s on you, Team Life & Style.

But at least their makeup look is still washable. We asked Liane about her biggest beauty fail, and it’s one that keeps her filling her brows in to this day. “I would have to say back in the day when skinny eyebrows were a trend — now I look back and think that was my biggest fail,” she said. “Because now I wish I had fuller brows.”

Well, her brows are looking good today, so safe to say she knows what she’s doing now!