Talk about a girl’s dream closet.

Lindsay Lohan not only had to act out the scandalous life of Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s TV movie Liz & Dick, but she had to look the part – and it took an astounding 65 costumes to do so!

The movie, which airs Nov. 25, is 88 minutes long (that’s basically a style swap every minute-and-a-half) and was shot in 21 days.

“There were days when we'd have seven outfits on and change hair and makeup seven times,” on set costume designer Salvador Perez, Jr. says. “It was just crazy.”

Not to mention all the jewelry needed to depict Liz’s glam life — all on a $155,000 wardrobe budget!

“I fought to get the role in Liz & Dick because I related to her so much because of her position in the public eye….and the ups and downs in her relationships and life,” Lindsay’s said. “And that’s aside from her love for diamonds! We’re both strong-willed and Elizabeth and her mother had a similar bond to the one I have with my mother.”

Check out some of Lindsay's Liz outfits in our new gallery!