Lindsay Lohan may be working to stay sober — but it’s not just drugs and alcohol she’s steering clear of.
“She has achondroplasiaphobia,” a source tells the new issue of Life & Style of the 5-foot-5 actress, meaning she has a “fear of little people."

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So what exactly happens when LiLo, 27, has a run-in with a really petite person?

“In 2006 at the Chateau Marmont, she was with pals when two little people walked by and she started having a major anxiety attack!” the insider tells the mag of her bizarre fear. “She hyperventilated. Someone had to give her an antianxiety pill to calm her down. She kept saying, ‘I’m so scared of them!’”

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Little People of America, a nonprofit organization that provides support and information to people of short stature, responded to Lindsay’s fear by suggesting, “Lohan should treat her fear the same as she would a fear of any other protected minority population. If that fails, she might find diversity training to be useful."

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