There's another baby on the way in the Bella fam! Brie Bella and her twin sister Nikki Bella are getting a new niece now that their sister-in-law Lauren "Lola" Garcia is pregnant! Lauren is expecting baby No. 2 with her husband, Nikki and Brie's brother JJ Garcia and fans will get to watch her pregnancy journey during Season 3 of Total Bellas. So it's high time we got to know this 31-year-old mama and fashion blogger, wouldn't you say?

For starters, Lola posted a pregnancy update on May 16 on her blog, What Lola Likes. (She says the site has been suffering downtime, so you might wanna bookmark it for later.) She's 24 weeks pregnant, she's expecting a baby girl, and she feels "happy, motivated, [and] in love."

Plus, as she tracks toward her Sept. 5 due date, she's gearing up to become a mother of two. "I think I'm going to need to mentally prepare for that newborn stage again," she wrote. "But I am so excited to complete our family and watch [first child] Vivienne become a big sister. I think she's going to be amazing. What will be the biggest challenge becoming a mom of two? Balancing it all again and, of course, trying to manage being a mom to a toddler and newborn."

According to Famous Birthdays, Lola was born on July 24, 1986. She married JJ on April 23, 2011, and welcomed Vivienne with him on Oct. 21, 2016. (FYI, she's also the site's 18th most popular person born in Syracuse, NY — ranking behind the likes of Post Malone, Tom Cruise, Megan Kelly, and Josh Murray.)

As of the time of her 2016 profile in Cronkite News, Lola was working as an executive assistant by day and as a fashion blogger by night and on weekends. She started What Lola Likes in 2011, and the blog took off to the point where she got to collaborate with such brands as H&M and Joe's Jeans and attend Phoenix Fashion Week.

What Lola Likes became especially popular after she started posting a "Dog of the Week" feature to spotlight rescue dogs. "Maybe a year and a half ago, I transitioned to fashion, and it was mainly kind of on accident," she told Cronkite News. "I wanted to do something where I could incorporate rescues to get noticed, and I figured that could be a great way to get them noticed: by adding them to a fashion shoot."

Aside from those adorable pooches, Lola's association with the Bella Twins has boosted her online presence. "Oh, yeah. Definitely. 100 percent," she said. "[But] you can tell the difference between people commenting 'Bella Twins!' [and my] actual followers."