We all know the story: after feuding hard with on-screen sister Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty was killed off on Charmed. Prue gave way to Rose McGowan's Paige and the Power of Three restored for another five seasons. But had Lori Rom been part of the original Charmed Ones, we could've ended up with a completely different series. Oh, who's Lori Rom? Well, once upon a time she was one of the Halliwell sisters, before she vanished out of thin air. And, no, she wasn't Prue 1.0, but instead free-spirited Phoebe. Watch our video above to see what Phoebe looked like in the unaired pilot.

Though the real reason she left has been lost to the archives, there were initial rumors that Lori left because of friction she maybe had with Shannen (oh, the irony). The other prevailing reason is that she left because of religious reasons. But according to a recently unearthed interview with series creator Constance M. Burge, Lori's parting with the show is still a little bit mysterious. "My understanding," Constance shared, "is that her desire to leave was for personal reasons. She was accommodated and after that we just got so fortunate with Alyssa. It was horrid and sad for her to go, but we were fortunate that it all worked out with Alyssa."

Very cool. What's interesting to think about, though, is what would Charmed have looked like with Lori in the mix? Would she have gotten along with Shannen and then Rose would've never had to jump in? Would a fed-up Lori leave the show instead and Phoebe, not Prue, would've been killed off? Or would the show literally have kept going beyond Season 1? We don't have the answers, but we do have the receipts of what this alternate universe Charmed would look like. Watch our video to see for yourself!