It seemed to all be smooth sailing for Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase on Love Is Blind. In the first nine episode of the Netflix show, which dropped February 13 and 20, the couple fell in love, got engaged and got ready to walk down the aisle. But will they actually tie the knot — and can they make it work once they’re back in the real world? Fans will have to wait for the February 27 finale to find out how everything plays out, but we did a little social media snooping to see what we could find out in the meantime. Here’s what we know.

Kelly isn’t wearing her ring.

The would-be bride hasn’t been sporting an engagement ring or wedding ring in any of her Instagram photos. Though she has some jewelry on the ring finger of her right hand, it seems to be the same piece that she’s been consistently wearing since December 2017, way before she was ever on the show. Her left ring finger, however, is totally bare. Then again, it’s possible that she hasn’t been wearing it to avoid giving away any spoilers.

Love Is Blind Star Kelly Chase Isn't Wearing Her Ring
Courtesy of Kelly Chase/Instagram

Kenny took a trip to Puerto Rico.

We don’t know who he took the trip with, but he did post this very boyfriend-y photo on his social media. Let’s be real: It looks just like the kind of picture we would’ve snapped of our partners on our own romantic getaway. Kelly, 32, hasn’t posted any similar shots on her own feed — but we’re kind of hoping that she was the one taking this.

Love Is Blind Star Kenny Barnes Takes Puerto Rican Vacation
Courtesy of Kenny Barnes/Instagram

Their homes don’t look dissimilar.

Kenny, 27, hasn’t posted enough photos of the inside of his place for us to be able to really compare them, but this shot seems like it could fit in with the background we see in the health coach’s posts. The quality of the lighting consultant’s coffee photo makes it hard to tell exactly what the crown moulding looks like or the color of the paint on the wall, but if you told us that they were the same decor choices as what we see in Kelly’s shot, we’d believe you.

Side-by-Side Photos of Kenny and Kelly from Love Is Blind in Their Homes
Courtesy of Kenny Barnes, Kelly Chase/Instagram

They were on the same page about sex.

Though it may have seemed on the show like brunette beauty was the only one who wanted to wait, Kenny revealed on Instagram that he was of the same mind. “I was adamant, from the first discussion to the last, that sex was not going to be introduced into my relationship during the experiment,” he told fans. “Sex is … something to be cherished, valued, respected and only exists between two people [who] are relentlessly committed to each other and every aspect of what it means to be in love,” he continued. “Something worth having is something worth building and — once it’s built — it requires maintenance, attention and the contribution of love from both persons.”

Kelly doesn’t want to be with someone just for the heck of it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean anything about her relationship status. However, on Instagram she revealed, “I love myself so much that I won’t just be with a guy [because] I’m lonely. When we love ourselves fully and completely, we don’t NEED anything or anyone. … They come to us by law of attraction. We radiate at a higher frequency, and it’s our confidence, fearlessness, self love and self worth that attracts a man in. And we have to remember to keep vibing at a high level when we get into a relationship. Otherwise, the energy falls and he becomes less attracted to you.”

That could be hinting that things didn’t work out with Kenny once she stopped focusing on herself. It could be hinting that she’s single and doesn’t want to settle. But it could also be the secret to how she keeps her relationship strong. It’s not her only post on the subject, though. In another, she added, “Your relationship isn’t supposed to be hard. It’s freeing. … Ladies, I’ll be the first to admit that I allowed behaviors that I thought I healed to show up again this year in relationships, but I’ll also be the first to say I’ve brought awareness to said wounds/challenges, and I’m not bringing them with me in 2020.”

Love Is Blind Star Kelly Chase Talks About Relationships
Courtesy of Kelly Chase/Instagram

They follow each other on Instagram.

What might be most important, however, is the fact that the couple follows each other on the photo-sharing app. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but it certainly suggests that they’re at least on good terms even if they’re not together. The only problem? Kenny’s dog, Penni, doesn’t follow Kelly — and Kelly doesn’t follow Penni. But since the corgi’s page was only used for a few months during the summer of 2019, we’re not going to put too much weight in that.

Love Is Blind Stars Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase Follow Each Other on Instagram
Courtesy of Kenny Barnes, Kelly Chase/Instagram

So what do you think? Are Kenny and Kelly still together, or did they call it quits?