WTF? Revolve is receiving some major backlash online after releasing a series of sweatshirts with LPA. One, in particular, though really got people riled up. The grey, cropped garment read, “Being fat is not beautiful it’s an excuse.” What?! Needless to say, the Twittersphere was pissed. 

“What the hell is this @REVOLVE!?” one person wrote. Another added, “Hey @REVOLVE, this is really disgusting,” and a third chimed in, “Beauty is not based on size, but ignorance is based on insecurity @REVOLVE are trash and are either so ignorant that they think this message is acceptable, or they are so insecure that they have to play off body-shaming in order to gain attention.” 

Even plus-size model Tess Holliday got in on the conversation and tweeted, “LOLLLLL @REVOLVE y’all are a mess.”

According to Fashionista, however, there are a total of five sweatshirts in the series that are currently on sale and feature quotes reportedly said to people like Lena Dunham (“Horrible Result of Modern Feminism”), Suki Waterhouse (“If you translated a bum onto her face, she’d have a better face”), and Cara Delevingne (“Too boney to be boned”). If you look super closely, there’s actually tiny font under the quotes that read, “As said to” with an Instagram handle. 

LPA founder Pia Arrobio is apparently friendly with many of these celebs, so she seemingly wanted to use her label to combat the shaming they receive. Unfortunately, without that knowledge, people were just left to read horrible messages without any context.

Since the sweatshirt has gone viral on @florencegiven‘s Instagram account, LPA has responded to the backlash. The brand claimed that the $168 sweatshirts were to benefit charity and that there was a launch intended to announce the project with the women involved but Revolve put the sweatshirts up on their site early. 

They wrote, “The point was to shine the light on how horrible trolling is… so basically, the opposite of what it seems.” 

Hmm… now we’re kinda into this now, TBH. That said, you can’t blame the public for freaking out!