It's official, Real Housewives of New York City star Luann de Lesseps' complicated marriage with husband Tom D’Agostino Jr. has ended. Just about seven months after they tied the knot in an over-the-top New Year’s Eve celebration, Luann announced on Twitter that the duo is divorcing.

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"It's with great sadness that Tom & I agreed to divorce," she wrote to her followers. "We care for each other very much, hope you respect our privacy during this sad time!"

Jason Brodie, a partner at Brodie Friedman Marital and Family Law Attorneys, gave us some exclusive insight as to what to expect from this high-profile split. Though he doesn't represent the reality star, he shed light on how the proceedings would likely take place.

"Most likely there is a prenuptial agreement between them," he said. "Being that there was a short term marriage of only eight months there most likely won't be any support/alimony."

And, just as the marriage was short-lived, Jason assured that the process would likely be quick. "Further, the odds of there being any marital assets in a short period time is unlikely. As such, there shouldn't be much to separate and this should be a smooth and quick process hopefully," he said.

Between Tom’s infidelity and the fact that he’s been linked to other Real Housewives stars, it’s no wonder why fans and friends have been anticipating a breakup for some time now. Though many RHONY co-stars made it clear they didn’t want the duo to wed, the couple did anyway.

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Just recently, the 52-year-old opened up about her marriage to E!. After she was spotted fighting with her husband, Luann felt the need to defend herself and her man.

“What couple doesn’t have lovers’ quarrels?” she asked. “Tom and I are very passionate and very much in love with each other and things happen. Unfortunately, we are very much public people and so everybody likes to talk about it. From the Housewives to the restaurant, it’s very hard to keep privacy.”

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During the argument, which went down in an NYC restaurant, eye-witnesses said things got physical. Luann addressed these concerns as well.

“It was more of a tap than a slap,” she said. “It was a lovers’ quarrel. I think all couples go through these things … It was made to be a much bigger deal. People like to gossip, people like to talk. That can weigh heavily on a relationship. Tom and I have been through a lot, but we love each other. We aren’t going to let gossip or rumors get the best of us.”

Up right until the very end, Luann defended her tumultuous marriage to Tom. Back in mid-July, she assured her fans that they would not be ending any time soon.

“Sometimes big love affairs…can be tumultuous,” she said. “Tom and I are good. We love each other and you work through things. That’s what couples do — so everything is fine and we are happy.”

We hope the duo can remain cordial during this difficult time.