Leave it to Mama June to flaunt her weight loss in a Pamela Anderson-inspired Baywatch bathing suit!

The 37-year-old, who has reportedly dropped down to 137 pounds, channeled the ’90s series for a brand new photoshoot — despite the fact that she told Life & Style last month that she wouldn’t be caught dead in a swimsuit.

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When asked if fans could expect to see the mother-of-four in a bikini following her transformation, she exclaimed, “Hell no!,” before adding crop tops and Daisy Dukes to the list as well. “I am still very conservative. This is the most you will ever see,” she said during a Facebook Live with Life & Style, pointing to her semi low-cut top — though her trainer, Kenya Crooks, said he’d love to see her in a pair of short shorts!

June also claimed she would never pose nude, even if Playboy came calling. “I think there comes a point where you just draw the line. I am still the same June that everyone knows and loves,” she shared. “I mean I’m not going to change and go buck wild and say ‘I’m 37 and look like I’m 20.’”

This isn’t the first time the reality star has donned the iconic red suit. She rocked a similar look in July 2015, though she weighed more than 300 pounds back then. But these days, she’s certainly more confident strutting her stuff!

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mama june 2013 vs. 2017 getty images

Mama June in 2013 (left) vs. 2017.

“She’s loving everything, everything, and everything,” trainer Kenya previously told Life & Style. “She hated a whole bunch of herself before, but now, because of the surgery and the workout piece of it, she’s enjoying all phases of June.”

The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo alum also revealed how she’s been able to maintain the weight loss. “I just watch my portions and cut back on a lot of the carbs,” she explained. “The one thing that I cannot live without is my grapes and cheese.” Us too!

Scroll through the gallery below to see how Mama June’s entire body has transformed over time.