No more train tracks! Mama June is moving up in the world, and her new pad — bought in 2015 after her divorce from Sugar Bear — is seriously swanky. The family used to live in a little house in McIntyre, Georgia right next to the railway, but these days Mama June and her three younger daughters — Jessica, Pumpkin, and Alana — are living in style in Hampton, Georgia. And they’re making the house their own, painting the walls, and picking out decorations for each of their rooms.

Take a peek inside their new home in the video below!

But it isn’t just Mama June’s new house that got a makeover. The reality TV star also completely changed her body this year. As for her personality, well, she’s still that same frugal coupon-clipping queen.

“It is a high for me,” Mama June admitted on OWN’s Where Are They Now. “I get high off of couponing and walking out of the store [with them] either having to pay me or [getting my groceries] totally free.”

For the mom of four, maintaining her old attitude despite the family’s new financial status is important. “A lot of people who become famous, and they make millions of dollars, they just spend it like as soon as they make it or before they even make it. And I’m not gonna be like that,” she said. “Don’t ever forget where you come from, because in a minute it can be gone, just like that. I want to be able to live comfortable for a long while after this amazing adventure ends.”

No matter what you think of how Mama June and her family made their money, you have to admire that she’s setting herself and her kids up for the future — and she’s also got more deodorant, dish soap, and toilet paper than anyone will ever need.