YASSSS! Manny MUA has made his love of the moon known, and in honor of the lunar eclipse happening this week, the YouTuber decided to bless us with some exclusive, limited edition merchandise — and he gave fans a sneak peek on Snapchat.

“This Wednesday, Jan. 31, there is a lunar eclipse happening, a full lunar eclipse,” he explained in a video. “Last eclipse I [sold a hoodie] for 24 hours because I thought it would be really fun to buy during an eclipse because that’s very much my brand, you know?” If you follow the social media influencer, you already know that he’s preparing to launch his own cosmetics brand, Lunar Beauty — so these products are perfect!

manny mua moon merch

He went on to show off the apparel he would be selling for one day only. “For 24 hours we’re going to be doing a lavender hoodie,” he shared. “I’m so excited because I love the lavender hoodie so much. It’s a lavender hoodie with a lavender moon. It’s a lavender shiny thread, and it’s so beautiful, but it’s only for 24 hours. I love doing these limited edition hoodies for the eclipse.” The sweatshirt features a crescent moon on the front and one on the sleeve.

If you’re not able to snag one of the limited hoodies, don’t worry. There are tons of other designs on his website. Between necklaces, t-shirts, hats, and pins, there’s a moon-themed accessory for every Manny fan. But, we gotta admit, these lavender ones are pretty sweet!