After the split comes the settlement. Mariah Carey might have broken things off with ex-fiancé James Packer back in Oct. 2016, but now the singer is finally free of her ex. Mariah and James reportedly reached an agreement which gives her $5 to $10 million to cover the costs she incurred from moving to LA to be with him. However, we’re not sure how she feels about the money awarded to her since it is considerably less than the initial $50 million she asked for in court.

It’s interesting that Mariah is walking away from the relationship with millions because sources told Us Weekly that her spending was partly to blame for the relationship’s demise. “The difference is, she has always drained through her own money, but now she had him picking up some of the bills,” a source said. “He started managing her money and her affairs. He started coming up with other ways she could make money.”

mariah carey and james packer - getty images

Now, she could be $10 million richer and it’s reported that she is also keeping her engagement ring. At the time the couple announced their plan to wed, Mariah seemed more than happy about the giant rock she was sporting on her finger. After he popped the question, she joked, “It’s so heavy I can’t lift my arm up!” And she loves it so much that’s she’s been spotted wearing it since the split.

After her split, the diva admitted that she was doing well after the relationship ended. “Now it’s a whole freakin’ thing,” she explained of the split. “I think I’m doing well. Everything happens for a reason. Things are the way they are.” We’re happy that Mariah is able to move on after her very public breakup from her fianceé. And we’re sure her new millions are helping her do it!