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We Bet Young Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Wouldn’t Even Recognize Themselves Today

Sometimes when we’re looking at recent pictures of the Olsen twins, we can’t help but wonder about what little Mary-Kate and Ashley would think about how they’ve grown up. The tiny tots were stars since before they could even talk, and growing up in the wild world of Hollywood probably had them ready for just about anything. But still, we’re not sure they could’ve anticipated the, uh, unsettling adults they turned into.

Legit, present day MK+A almost never smile, their fashion sense is something else, and, frankly, they don’t even really look alike anymore. I mean, yeah, they look similar — but they used to look identical, and these days it takes hardly more than half a second to be like, “Oh, that one is obviously Mary-Kate.” These days, Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel look more alike than these twins.

But hey, who knows how a conversation between the tiny twins and their older selves would go? After all, the girls are fraternal — and they’ve apparently always hated their fame. So maybe they’d actually be into how things turned out. Then again, they’d probably be at least a little dismayed to find out that they look like legit grandmas now. Grandmas who’ve had plastic surgery to stay looking young while still running a whole fashion empire, but grandmas all the same. Can’t imagine what a meeting between the two sets of twins, past and present, would be like? We gave it a shot — and things got weird. Check it out below.