Breaking a sweat! Whitney Thore took to Instagram to share a video of what was supposed to be her working out, but turned out to be a twerk fest instead. Clearly, the 35-year-old is all about having fun and being silly.

“What happens when I try to work out with my boys. @ryanandreas_ is in the back twerking and @c_harter22 is lost in the sauce,” the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star captioned the video. In the clip, Whitney is distracted dancing away while her workout buddies are somewhat focused. What a mood, TBH.

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Just waiting on @severinbro7 like…🖤

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It’s refreshing to see the brunette beauty in good spirits these days. In early July, Whitney took to Instagram to express how she feels about body shamers. “Woke up today in a less-than-great mood, [so, I] thought I’d engage on social media,” she began her lengthy post. “Yes, I have a television show. Yes, I’m a public person. But no — people don’t ‘deserve’ to deal with this s–t constantly, day in and day out. As a fat woman, I deal with the stares, the smirks and the abuse plenty in my ‘real life.’ Dealing with it online is just added bulls–t.”

She continued, “I am criticized for being fat. I am criticized for exercising. Criticized for being happy. Criticized for being unhappy. It leaves no room for me to be a complex human being with real and varied emotions and attributes beyond just being fat.”

However, she did acknowledge the positive comments, but stated that in order to see the good, she must first see the bad. “And before y’all criticize me for not focusing on the positive, or engaging more with the supportive comments, and appreciating the encouraging people — please remember that I have to wade through all of this to see you … and most days it’s a little too much.”

Good thing she’s feeling unbothered as of lately!