The once friendly Today Show workplace has plunged into total chaos — and Megyn Kelly is to blame. Ever since the former Fox News journalist joined the morning show, her team is being accused of turning the NBC newsroom into a nightmare.

“Megyn is downright antisocial, standoffish, and arrogant,” a source told In Touch. “Her whole team, from producers on down to assistants, have established a reign of terror from day one.” Jealous of co-workers and freaked out by tepid ratings, Megyn and her underlings are lashing out, added the insider. “They’ve turned the workplace into a Today Show hell.”

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And those who attempted to speak out about the unfair treatment have suffered consequences. In January, Megyn Kelly Today writer Kevin Bleyer went to human resources about two executive producers. “Jackie Levin persists in creating a toxic and demeaning environment, and Christine Cataldi enables and reinforces it,” he wrote in a leaked email. “Just last week, when I provided a constructive suggestion (to correct a mistake Jackie had made but didn’t want to admit), she called me a ‘f–king whiner.'”

Makeup artist Iren Halpern, who worked with Megyn while she was at Fox, also backed up the reports that she is a boss from hell. “I wasn’t the first person she treated this way, and there were other people after me,” she explained In Touch earlier this month. “If you do something that upsets her, she’ll turn around and try to get you.”

This is not the first time Megyn, 47, has come under fire since the premiere of her 9 a.m. segment. Debra Messing wrote she was “dismayed” by the host’s comments regarding a gay audience member during a September taping while Jane Fonda famously clapped back when asked about her plastic surgery procedures on the program.

Even co-anchor Hoda Kotb is feuding with Megyn. “The atmosphere between the two is beyond frosty. They are staying as far away as possible from each other,” an insider previously revealed to Life & Style. “Hoda is not the kind of person who talks behind people’s backs, but there is plenty of eye rolling and she’s made comments about Megyn like, ‘I get more warmth from an iceberg.’”