It's not always fun and games for actress Melissa McCarthy!

The 'Bridesmaids' star recently revealed that she suffered a horrible injury while filming her upcoming movie, 'Spy' — and she was in so much pain, she couldn't walk for days!

"I slipped on wet marble and I went down," Melissa told E!. "I threw my back out so badly, we spent the whole week trying to get me walking again. It was intense and it was kind of at the beginning of the movie. It was a little dicey."

Thankfully, the funny lady recovered, and was able to debut her thinner-than-ever figure at the premiere of her new movie in Austin, Texas over the weekend.

melissa mccarthy weight loss

March 2014 (left) vs. March 2015 (right)

But despite her jaw-dropping weight loss over the past year, the 44-year-old recently opened up about how she often struggles with her body image.

"Sometimes I wish I were just magically a size six and I never had to give [my weight] a single thought. It's something I'm always working on," she told 'Good Housekeeping.'