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13 Times Michael Scott Said What We Were All Thinking During Work

We all think about saying things that we would never actually mutter out loud, especially at work. Luckily, Michael Scott has no filter and says everything for us. Whether he's insulting Toby or just spewing his honest thoughts about his fellow employees, his day, girlfriend… anything, really, he never fails to amaze us. If only we could get away with having his candid conversations during the work day. Sigh.

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Like, can you imagine getting away with saying this to that one coworker who really gets under your skin: "Who let the lemon head into the room? You are a waste of life and should give up." Not everyone can be as open as Michael and still keep their job!

The Office character has made us laugh and cry tears of joy over the years, and just because the series is over doesn't mean he's not still working his magic. After all, the show's reruns will last a lifetime. As will his infamous one-liners!

Check out the gallery to see 13 things he's said that we've all thought during the work day.