True love at its finest. Speaking with Howard Stern on Dec. 12, Miley Cyrus opened up about the tragic Malibu fire that destroyed her shared home with longtime boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. The “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” songstress also reflected on how amazing her man was during the entire horrific experience — especially when it came to saving the couple’s many animals.

When asked to explain what went down on that fateful day in California, Miley’s response was nothing short of inspiring. Before she began her anecdote, Howard asked the 26-year-old to clarify her relationship with Liam. “This is your boyfriend? Fiancé?” he questioned. 

“Yeah, kind of-ish. My partner,” Miley began. “I call him my survival partner now. He thinks it’s not romantic, but I learned that is why you pair up with someone — for survival — and he was so incredible.”

“He got all the animals out in his truck — he put two pigs in crates. I said, ‘How did you get them out?’ and he said the only thing he could do was get a really powerful hose and sprayed them in the ass. So, he just chased the pigs into the crate — which was genius,” she said proudly.

As for how Miley thanked Liam for his heroic pursuits? Well, let’s just say… bow chicka wow wow. “He got a lot of action for saving the animals. He got a lot of action. We had to make sure that he knew I was very thankful,” the blonde beauty quipped. Get it, girl! 

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Happy birthday to my sweet girl. You’re more precious than ever. So thankful to have you in my life. ❤️

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We’re so relieved that Liam, Miley, and all their animals have been able to bounce back from this natural disaster. We stan a resilient couple and wish them nothing but happiness in the future. P.S. Get married already! OK, thanks. 

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