If you haven’t heard of Miranda Sings, chances are you might actually live under a rock. The Internet sensation — who boasts more than 8 million YouTube subscribers, and 6.5 million Instagram followers — has been at it for nearly a decade, but her fame has grown exponentially over the past few years.

In 2016, Miranda made the transition from YouTube to television in her debut Netflix series, Haters Back Off. The show was recently canceled after just two seasons. However, the project marked a major feat for the lipstick-smearing Crocs enthusiast. But who exactly is Miranda? Well, (and this is for those who don’t follow her massively popular social media pages), we’re sorry to say that Miranda isn’t a real person.

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The fictional character is played by actress, comedian, and singer Colleen Ballinger. Last year, the 31-year-old explained the major differences between herself and Miranda during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. “Miranda, my character, cannot sing, cannot act,” Colleen said at the time, “and is really inappropriate.” Here, Life & Style rounded up a few fun facts about Colleen (when she’s not playing Miranda).

Colleen was once married to another YouTube star.

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After just more than a year of marriage, Colleen announced in October 2016 that she and her husband, YouTuber Josh Evans, were getting a divorce. “You’ve watched us date, you’ve watched us get engaged, you’ve watched us get married,” she said of Josh, whom she first met in 2009. “We’ve shown you everything because we wanted to, and I don’t regret any of that, but, you know, we chose to not share with you the hard parts of our relationship. And there were a lot of hard parts of our relationship.”

Colleen is obsessed with Disneyland.

Colleen frequently spends time at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, as seen on her personal Instagram page — even though Miranda got her fired from her dream job at the theme park years ago. “I have no hard feelings towards Disneyland. I love Disneyland so much. I want to go every day. I loved every single day that I worked there,” she said on YouTube in August 2016.

“…[But] every once in a while, while I was up on stage performing, people would come up and be like, ‘Hey, that’s Miranda!’ and wave to me, and I would do Miranda for them on stage…So I kept singing like I was Miranda on stage and people were taking note of it. And I got a call from Disneyland one day,” she continued. “…I knew they were firing me and I knew it was for doing Miranda on stage because, like, why did I do that?”

Colleen is crazy in love with her cat Gus.

The brunette beauty shares the sweetest snaps of herself and her feline friend on Instagram. On Aug. 15, she celebrated his first birthday by posting a throwback video of Gus as a kitten. “One year ago my favorite little guy was born! Look how little he was!!! Happy Birthday Gus!! @prissygusgus,” Colleen wrote at the time.

Colleen has an impressive set of pipes — unlike Miranda.

Earlier this year, Colleen posted a video of herself playing the ukulele and singing a stripped-down version of TLC’s 1999 mega-hit “No Scrubs.” “Procrastinating and singin’ about scrubs,” she wrote alongside the short clip.

Colleen is close with Ariana Grande and her family.

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Colleen opened up about her tight-knit bond with the pop star and her big brother, Frankie Grande, during a video posted back in March. “I love the Grandes so much and they will always be family to me no matter what happens,” she said. “We’re just really busy. Frankie lives in NYC, I live in LA, Ariana’s on tour. We all are just living these crazy, busy lives so we don’t get to see each other as often anymore. But we all keep in touch…The Grandes were the first people to ever really believe in me as a performer, as a comedian.”

Colleen continued, “They took me in as a stranger. They didn’t know who I was and they invited me to stay with them in NYC and, like, really helped me with my career and gave me the best advice. They’re so sweet and so generous and kind.”

Seasons 1 and 2 of Haters Back Off are currently available to stream on Netflix.