It's a Christmas miracle! Brock O'Hurn is back as sexy Santa Claus — and he is seriously quenching our thirst. The Instagram model showed off his muscles and abs in a commercial for Icelandic Glacial sparkling water — and he even brought along some hot elves.

Brock and his glorious locks star in the holiday ad which features one very lucky woman getting a visit from him and his helpers and it's not long before a major dance party is going down. How did we not get an invite?

This is the second time that Brock has dressed up as shirtless Mr. Claus and we are seriously thankful. Who knew you can have a crush on Santa? Anyways, Brock has amassed over two million followers on Instagram thanks to his good looks and picture-perfect man bun. "All I want for Christmas is you," one fan recently commented on his Instagram page before another added, "Can I have him for Christmas?"

And luckily, ladies, he is single. "I won't know until I meet her," he said of what he looks for in a woman. "It has nothing to do with a specific hair color, how she looks, the way she carries herself. I have no idea honestly. I'm excited to find out."

However, he does know that he hopes to use his Instagram fame to launch an acting career. "It's always been becoming a lead actor," he said of his career ambition. "Becoming a top actor so I can bring this creativity, bring this whole world that I use to escape into, which is the movies, and to other people. I wanted to bring them that same kind of pleasure, which I used to love growing up." We can get used to see Brock on the big screen!