Cheesy Christmas Movies Starring Guys So Hot They’re Worth a Watch

‘Tis the season … to watch all the Christmas movies on TV we can possibly fit onto our DVR. We’re kind of obsessed with the cheesy goodness, no matter how good or bad-good (or straight-up bad) they may sometimes be. But what we’re celebrating the most this holiday season is all of the hot, romantic love interests sprinkled through these flicks. Sure, a lot of the time you get a bland guy who fulfills his role as the protagonist’s man simply because he kind of is just there and goes through the motions. But then sometimes you find a guy so hot — and so charming — that he sweeps you off your feet, even though you’re just the viewer at home.

Over the years, we’ve fallen for some of these hunks. And now we’re sharing our favorite Christmas movie cuties to help spread the holiday cheer to everyone. Check out the Life & Style crew’s favorite Christmas flicks — and the hot guys who star in them.