On April 30, 2004, a little movie by the name of Mean Girls debuted in theaters and basically, life was never the same. In addition to being one of the most beloved films of a generation, Mean Girls is also the most quotable motion picture … like, ever. 

“On October 3, he asked me what day it was,” Cady Heron, played by the iconic Lindsay Lohan, narrated and thus, an annual holiday was born. Every year, on October 3, fans of the classic flick, as well as the actors involved celebrate Mean Girls Day.

This year, Life & Style spoke with Johnathan Bennet — a.k.a. thee Aaron Samuels — to see how he’ll be commemorating the special date. “I think on Mean Girls Day, I will definitely be doing what I do every Mean Girls Day — I gather with a group of friends and we make recipes from The Burn Cookbook, which is my parody cookbook for Mean Girls fans,” the longtime actor, who currently hosts Food Network’s Halloween Wars, said.

Jonathan Bennett

“That — and it’s so funny because when Mean Girls Day happens — I say I feel on October 3rd what the crystal ball feels like in Times Square on New Year’s Eve,” Johnathan, 38, elaborated. “For one day a year, the whole world looks at it as like, ‘Do your thing! Do your thing!’ and so, everyone in the world looks at me on October 3rd to ask me what day it is.”

As far as who Jonathan will be spending the holiday with? None other than Daniel Franzese (a.k.a. Damian Leigh). How cute! Thankfully, Daniel, 41, isn’t the only member of the Mean Girls cast Jonathan keeps in touch with.

I just talked to Lindsay the other day,” he said. “She was in town and we were supposed to do a workout, but I ended up having to film. So, I talk to Lohan a lot. I talk to Lacey [Chabert] a lot. Those are the three that I keep in touch with.”

Jonathan Bennett and Lindsay Lohan in 2004

While Cady, Aaron, Damien and Gretchen would have never been friends in the Mean Girls universe, we’re so happy they are IRL.

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Reporting by Diana Cooper.

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