Seriously, grool. Pop star Ariana Grande recently took the world by storm when she dropped her new single ‘thank u, next’ just minutes before her ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson, addressed their split on Saturday Night Live. Fans couldn’t get enough of the breakup track and now, the video for the song is the most highly anticipated thing since… well, the last one she dropped. What could possibly make it any better? Ari got Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett, aka Aaron Samuels, to lead the video opposite Ari’s own version of a regulation hottie, Regina George. Yeah, we think that might make it better.

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Aaron ❤️ Regina. Thank U, Next

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Ariana and Jonathan both took to social media recently to share the team-up of epic proportions. Ari shared the cute selfie of the two on set to her Insta stories, while Jonathan immortalized the moment with a post to his Instagram. “Aaron ❤️ Regina. Thank U, Next,” he shared with followers about his legendary inclusion in the project. As if Jonathan’s post couldn’t get any better, Ari commented with a classic Regina George line: “That’s CRAZY… why would I break up with [you]? [You’re] so hot.” Good one, Ari.

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Ari has been dropping hint after hint on her Instagram about what the ‘thank u, next’ video will look like and if you’ve been keeping up, you know what to expect once the video drops –– all our fave chick flicks, galore. It started with some photos alluding to Legally Blonde, with Ari playing the Elle Woods role and teaming up with original cast member, Jennifer Coolidge. Then, it progressed to some shots of cheerleader Ari and a group of East Compton Clovers. Yeah, you know what that one is: Bring It On. Finally, the most recent shots on Ari’s Instagram painting an uncanny picture of what looks to be her portrayal of Mean Girls, complete with a new version of the classic ‘Burn Book.’

Obviously, everyone is excited for the vid to drop but we just wish we knew WHEN. No matter when the chick flick spoof releases, we’re thinking we should declare it a national holiday. Anyone else agree?