It's time the world knew Morgan Hanbery's name. The Florida native first made headlines last year after her hilarious spoof of a makeup tutorial went viral on Twitter, racking up 80,000 retweets in one month.

Since then, the 19-year-old has amassed a giant following on social media and YouTube (she currently has over 607,000 subscribers), and her videos continue to bring the laughs (this girl seriously needs to do stand-up). But, she's also really good at applying makeup. So, while her tutorials may have started out as spoofs, there's actually a lot you can learn from the teen.

In order to get to know the girl behind the screen, we asked Morgan all about being a viral star. Scroll down for the hilarious results — and make sure to follow Morgan on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube!

How did you start doing makeup tutorials?

I started doing makeup tutorials when I went viral in August of 2016. It gave me the confidence to share my talent with others, and making them laugh in the process!

Why do you think your videos gained so much attention?

I think my videos gained so much attention because people could relate to me. The beauty community in general can be a very fake industry, and my viewers were able to watch my videos and laugh along and realize that I’m just like them. I think just being myself has helped my videos gain a lot of views.

Which celebs do you get makeup inspiration from?

Adele and Kim Kardashian are the top two celebrities that I get makeup inspiration from. They’re always flawless.

Do you do friends' or relatives' makeup? Do they often ask you to?

My friends and family always ask me to do their makeup and I always say yes.

If you could only carry three things in her makeup bag, what would they be?

Oh lord. If I could only carry three things in my makeup bag it would be: eyelash glue, setting powder, and lip gloss. But please don’t make me choose.

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haven't posted a selfie in a while🙌🏻

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You commentary is pretty hilarious. Are you considered the class clown/funny family member?

Thank you! I have always been considered the funny friend and family member. I love making people laugh.

Would you ever consider doing stand-up?

I have definitely considered doing stand-up but it scares me a little bit. I would love to build the confidence to do it one day.

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A bitch needs some WERRK! but I'm not afraid to post my flaws and admit I need improvement. LISTEN BY QUEEN B FT. My remix🙂💓

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We know you're also a singer. Would you ever try out for American Idol or The Voice?

I would try out for all the different singing shows because singing is my passion and first love. My goal in life is to be a professional singer.

What message do you want fans to hear?

My message to my fans would be to always remain confident with yourself and to love yourself. Those two things go hand in hand. Makeup and skincare is superficial — and people can spot fake easier than you think.